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Real Ale Cask Bars

Our traditional real ale cask bars are designed to dispense cask ales at events.

Each cask ale bar can hold up to 4 separate 9 gallon kegs and multiple cask bars can connect together to create a larger bar area.

"Cask ale which isn't warm at an outside event? I don't believe it!"

It's true, we don't have temperature issues when serving from our cask ale bars as all of the cask temperatures are maintained using cooling probes and additional cooling equipment.

Dispense Options

Different regional customers prefer their real ale to be served in various ways. Some prefer a tight creamy head, others prefer no head at all. Our bars have two dispense points for each cask barrel and can pour from either gas pump assisted or gravity fed taps. Enough to satisfy even the most discernable of customers.

Ideal for:

Real ale festivals, CAMRA events, cask testing activities, brewery promotions, and other similar activities.