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Our MDUs

From one unit, we can pour 6 pints in 20 seconds! Now, image if we setup 10 for your event. That would be 10,800 pints an hour. Want to know more?

The Basics:

Our multi dispense units are designed to serve beer in the shortest amount of time and in the best possible way. They keep queuing times down and customers happy.

The MDUs we have are 6 pint MDUs and have been designed, by us, from the ground up. They have double the amount of dispense equipment in them and can dispense 12 pints in the same amount of time that many 12 pint MDUs can.

Our multi dispense units have been developed using the latest technology and are all certified by Weights and Measures.

Extra cold temperatures are achieved and maintained with the use of our exclusive temperature controlled cabinets and specialist beer python.

The MDU's can serve up to 6 different products if required but are usually programmed to dispense one or two brands.

The multi dispense units have an associated mobile cellar which contains all the necessary dispense equipment which ensures fast, consistent dispense.

Volume Bars:

Our MDU's can take product from any sized keg or directly from tanker vehicles. They are versatile and can be modified to suit your event.

We have designed our multi dispense units to integrate with our standard individual bar units to give the option to create a larger bar area with a greater dispense potential.

Drink Bars are experts in installing freeflow and metered equipment in large volume bars.


MDU Dispense Unit: 1m width, 1.78m height, 0.61m depth.

MDU Cellar Unit: 1.16 width, 1.12 height, 0.62 depth.

Ideal for use at:

Music festivals, music concerts, stadiums, sports matches, parades, band tours, exhibition centres - essentially anywhere where you are expecting a large amount of people, we can provide the solution.