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Individual Temporary Bars

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Front bars, back bars, fridges and optics

For smaller, more intimate activities we offer a selection of mobile bar units which are ideal for VIP tents, dressing rooms, and back of house areas. Each bar unit is self contained and requires only a minimum of space. All dispense and beer cooling equipment is stored within the units ensuring all you see is the fully equipped bar without the rear cellar equipment which often comes with other suppliers.

These units are also ideal for pubs or venues with outside areas where there is no outside bar. They can be placed on a range of surfaces and as long as there is an electrical socket available, we can provide you with a temporary bar for your event.

Ideal for:

VIP tents, artist dressing rooms, events with limited space, pubs for outside events, village halls, weddings, birthday celebrations, social gatherings, garden f├ęte's and other similar activities.