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The Hydra Bar

Our exclusive mobile trailer bar is designed specifically for high demand events.

The unit has an incredible 48 metered dispense points, 37 optic brackets, 5 soft drink dispensers, 4 bottle fridges and holds all this inside a unit which is 8m by 2.75m's.

It's Fast!

Designed with speed in mind, the Hydra Bar can switch its draft dispense to its incorporated multi dispense units, capable of producing 24 pints every 12 seconds - a total of 9 gallon of product each minute.

It's Versatile!

Our trailer bar can serve beers, lagers and ciders but can also become a real ale cask bar, a wine and champagne bar and a Pimms bar.

It Changes Colour!

The Hydra Bar incorporates light changing panels which can be customised to a range of different colour schemes. For an event where colour association is important, for a football team for example, the colours can be adjusted to compliment an association.

Built in Media Centre!

Our trailer bar is enhanced by an internal high spec media centre with three 22" monitors and a built in sound system. It can display images and music from a range of media including CD's, DVD's, Blueray's, Ipod's, Iphone's (other MP3 players are available) and direct laptop connections.


On offer is a huge range of opportunities for promotions, advertising and brand association.


Ideal for:

VIP functions, events where brand association is important, music festivals, product launches, promotional events, city council organised activities, events where space is an issue but high demand is expected and other similar activities.